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“A Tale to Teach”

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the Tale.... Imagine!  You’re running through a jungle, being chased by a ferocious tiger, and suddenly you come to a cliff.

Being the resourceful person you are, you notice a vine hanging from the side of the rock face. You grab ahold of it, and begin to climb down.

You think you’re free from danger, but just then, on the ground below, you see… another tiger.        Yikes!

And to make matters worse, a mouse has crawled out of a small opening in the side of the cliff, and begun to chew the very vine you’re hanging from.

So, you’re stuck. You can’t go up or down and you’re running out of time...

What do you do?

This is actually an old Buddhist tale used to teach young monks a valuable lesson — and it’s got a surprise ending.

You see, in the original story, the man trying to escape the tigers notices something while he’s hanging from the vine…

There’s a large strawberry growing from a crack in the side of the cliff.

And in that moment, he reaches out, plucks the fruit from the crack, eats it, and says...

“Mmmm… delicious!”

And that’s it. That’s the end of the story.

Now, while I admit it’s a strange ending — when you hear the lesson it’s meant to teach, the tale begins to make sense.

You see, the man was able to take a moment during this extremely stressful scenario to pause and experience a bit of pleasure and gratitude.

The lesson here is that life is full of stress-inducing obstacles — there’s no avoiding or changing that fact.

But what you can change is how you REACT to those obstacles.