“What were The Apostles thinking ?”

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The disciples had followed Jesus’ instructions and prepared the Passover meal in the upper room.  As evening had come, all the disciples and Jesus were gathered in the upper room together ready to eat the Passover meal.


Where were their minds? What were they thinking about? If this was the Passover meal, then it probably began about [6 pm] Exodus 12:6.  … "between the evenings” ... and would have ended sometime after midnight Exodus 12:29. “…At midnight the Lord struck all the firstborn …”.  This was their memorial meal; they could be thinking of all the things their nation had been going through. How God had saved them many times. He had given them great Kings, and Prophets. How He had sent them into captivity and brought them out again. And returned them to subjugation under the Romans.


We know there were some moments of discomfort for some of them. When Jesus began to gird on the towel and prepared to wash each of the disciples feet. When they began arguing over which one of them was the greatest? When they wanted to know which one of them was going to betray Jesus?  These are the things which they were thinking of that we know about were likely things. What else crossed their minds we can only guess?


What are we thinking of as we prepare to take part in this memorial meal. Are there distractions on our minds? Or are we mentally ready to eat the bread & drink the cup? Lets get ready as we go to God in prayer… giving thanks for what He has done for us.